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Pipal ke ped ke peeche, atta chakki se left: Mapping India’s 2022 e-commerce shopping trends

t's great to hear that Meesho had a successful year in 2022 and achieved several milestones in democratizing internet commerce for everyone. The fact that Meesho set three sale records, each topping the previous one, shows that the platform is gaining popularity and becoming more accessible to a wider range of consumers across the country.

It's also interesting to note that e-commerce is gaining traction across various geographies and socioeconomic backgrounds in India, and Meesho is playing a key role in boosting access and affordability for the country's diverse customer base.

As for the key highlights of how India shopped in 2022, it would be helpful to know more specific details about Meesho's performance and impact on the e-commerce industry. For example, it would be interesting to know more about Meesho's customer demographics, the categories of products that were most popular on the platform, and any new initiatives or strategies that M