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Reliance Industries Ltd readies $2.4-3 billion InvIT for retail warehousing assets

It appears that Reliance Industries Ltd is planning to monetize its warehousing and logistics assets through a new infrastructure investment trust (InvIT) created by Reliance Retail. The InvIT will be called the Intelligent Supply Chain Infrastructure Trust and will be used to house the warehousing assets that will be monetized. The purpose of the InvIT is to unlock value in these assets and generate returns for investors.

According to SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) norms, the InvIT will either be listed or privately placed with at least five shareholders. If the InvIT is listed, it will be publicly traded on the stock exchange and investors can buy and sell units of the trust like shares. If it is privately placed, it will only be available to a select group of investors.

Overall, the implementation of this InvIT is a strategic move by Reliance Industries Ltd to unlock value in its assets and generate returns for its investors.