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Franchise Plans

It's great to learn about SHIPRATH's commitment to becoming the 'Express company of choice' in India. With its comprehensive distribution system and focus on customer satisfaction through fast delivery, SHIPRATH seems poised for significant growth.

The expansion plan to reach 100,000+ franchises by 2030 is ambitious and reflects the company's confidence in its services. Offering business and career opportunities to young and dynamic entrepreneurs is a commendable initiative, providing them with various roles such as Master Franchise, City Hub Franchise, Local Hub Franchise, or Unit Franchisee.

For individuals interested in exploring franchise investment plans with SHIPRATH, the 24/7 Support Centre at +91 96258 24593 or the email address are available for inquiries.

This approach not only strengthens SHIPRATH's distribution network but also contributes to economic growth by creating job opportunities across India. It would be beneficial for potential investors and franchisees to reach out and explore the opportunities provided by SHIPRATH COURIERS. 

The tiered system of Unit Franchise, Local Hub Franchise, City Hub Franchise, and Master Franchise indicates a well-organized approach to scaling operations. Here's a breakdown of each level:

1.Unit Franchise: (Investment Rs 10000)

  • Operates at the Pin Code level.
  • Represents the smallest operational unit.
  • Likely involves handling deliveries and logistics within a specific Pin Code area.

2.Local Hub Franchise: (Investment Rs 100000)

  • Operates at the Taluk level.
  • Encompasses one or more Pin Codes within a specific region.
  • Serves as a sub-branch office, likely coordinating with Unit Franchises within its territory.

3.City Hub Franchise: (Investment Rs 500000)

  • Operates at the District/Town level.
  • Represents a branch office that oversees and manages operations in a larger geographical area, comprising multiple Taluks and Local Hubs.
  • Likely responsible for coordinating and optimizing logistics within its jurisdiction.

4.Master Franchise: (Investment Rs 5000000)

  • Operates at the Cluster level.
  • Encompasses an even larger area, comprising 4/5 Districts.
  • Represents an area office responsible for managing and overseeing operations at a broader scale.
  • Likely plays a strategic role in coordinating activities, managing resources, and ensuring overall efficiency in the designated cluster.

This tiered structure allows SHIPRATH to efficiently manage its logistics and delivery network, ensuring coverage at various levels from Pin Codes to Clusters. It also provides diverse opportunities for franchisees to engage at different levels based on their capabilities and aspirations.

Individuals interested in franchise opportunities with SHIPRATH can choose the level that aligns with their business goals and resources, whether it's operating at a local Pin Code level or managing a broader area as a Master Franchisee.

SHIPRATH Franchisees are composite business unit of the organisation that operates in specific geographical area. Each of our branch office generates revenue by building a the key activities in SHIPRATH's branch operations related to pick-ups and deliveries.

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