Our Managment team


Our Management Team

Mrs Asha -Founder & Managing Director

Survival of the fittest’ is one of the oldest concepts of nature. Our organization is strong enough to face any challenge and thanks to our spirited channel partners and the dedicated staff who have made it possible. But the future of the industry now depends upon the quality of service we provide. Shiprath has earned everything for itself - name, fame, respect, social and economic status and acknowledgment from Government and non- Government institutes, its consumers and the corporate world. But, one feather that is missing in the large "Shiprath.com"  cap is that of the recognition as the “Best Service Providing Company "
Shiprath.com is growing by almost 30% (over the last year) thanks to our franchisee-based business model. But as mentioned above, the future lies in the quality of the service we provide and hence, the EVIDENT INTERNATIONAL board is happy to announce that with beginning of this new decade, we will do everything possible to earn the status of Mrs Asha Davi and earn the recognition of being the “Best Service-Oriented Organization".