Multiple Shipping Partners

Ship with the expertise of delivery partners like Wefast, Dunzo, and Shadowfax

Wide Coverage

Ship directly to your buyers within an area of 50 km without any hassles

Cost-Effective Delivery

Ship at the lowest rates starting at Rs.22 with the best partners of the industry

Pick up & Drop Service

Deliver products like keys, documents, flowers, cake, medicine, gifts, toys, groceries, food, personal items, etc. anytime, anywhere

Multiple Payment Options

Collect payments via credit card, debit card, wallets, and other online means or via cash on delivery

Faster Payment With Wallet

Add money to the shipping wallet in the app and schedule pickups in a few clicks

Active Order Tracking

Offer live tracking to customers along with SMS updates about rider contact details, and delivery notifications like the order is ready and out for delivery.

Get COD Remittance Directly in Your Bank Account

Receive COD remittance directly into your bank account without any restrictions. All you have to do is share bank details.

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